Wednesday, February 16, 2022

God Said "Read the Instructions" - Prioritizing the Word

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I got off Track

When I encountered God in 1995, He said: "Read the instructions". I immediately started reading the Bible voraciously. I devoured it by reading and listening to the audio bible.

But then I started thinking, why not read from the top theologians and get on the fast track? So I started reading books from PHD.s and top theologians about the Bible rather than the bible directly. I thought I was making some headway. I was reading apologetics books and fell into the eschatology rabbit hole for a while. I read thousands of pages from various authors on eschatology (end times prophecy).

The whole time the spirit of God was highlighting to me obvious errors. My theology felt like a house of cards on sand rather than a solid house upon The Rock! I plowed ahead anyway thinking "They are the experts, what do I know? " I was ignoring the Spirit of Truth for the traditions of men.

As I continued reading the Bible and books about the Bible, I started seeing that people were trying to make scripture fit their theology rather than simply seeking the Truth and being guided by the Spirit of Truth. Eventually, I started to see that God wants me to read the bible more than books about the bible. Anything other than the bible is leaven. Even commentaries can seem like gravel in my mouth at times.

When we read theology books, we start putting on blinders that hinder or even block what the Spirit of Truth is saying. Consider how Jesus was constantly confounding the top theologians on their interpretation of Scripture and their model of what they were expecting the Messiah to be like. They were totally ignoring passages like Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9 saying the Messiah would suffer and be cut off.

We Learn from Great Men of Faith! 

Smith Wigglesworth

Great men of faith prioritize seeking God's spirit and reading the bible first and foremost. Smith Wigglesworth was known for ONLY reading the bible. He wouldn't even let a newspaper come across the threshold of his front door. He said newspapers were all lies. Now, look at the mighty works Wigglesworth did! He even raised the dead!

George Müller

George Müller started out a terrible sinner. Toward the end of his life, it is said he read the bible over 200 times, and for every page he read that was not the Bible, he made sure to read 10 pages of the bible He ran orphanages by faith and had all of his needs met by petitioning in his prayer closet.

Seek God and His Word First

If you are excited about reading or listening to sermons or books about the Bible, I would encourage you to prayerfully read the bible and let the Spirit of Truth guide you. Be sure to chew it over with your Inner Circle Godly mentors.

When the spirit of truth illuminates a passage for you, it is an exciting thing. The Spirit quickens the Word and you know in your spirit that you are being taught by God!

There is a point in the little John's that he tells some of his disciples that they no longer need a teacher because they have the unction of the Spirit that guides them into truth (1 John 2:27). He is teaching them that they no longer need a teacher. John was mentored by Jesus directly. Then he mentored his disciples up to the point that they could hear from the Spirit of Truth directly.

I believe our main source of media intake should be the bible while listening for God to guide us. I am not anywhere near perfection on this, but I can see the Way that has been cleared about before us.

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