Saturday, April 11, 2015

Vision: Current State of the Five Fold Ministry

God has been speaking to us today.  Conrad asked me to write a bit about what is going on, so here goes.

As most know, we moved to the Southaven, MS area this past September.  Not long after we arrived, I had a dream and saw a map in this dream with the intersection of Craft Road and Church Road in Olive Branch, MS (I still remember this vividly).  I thought that maybe this was a geographical location of a place we might build a campground or purchase a house, or attend an event of some sort.  I didn't know until today what it may mean.  

As Conrad and I were driving around the Olive Branch area today praying and seeking the Lord, we decided to check out a some houses and properties that were in a country setting that is near the intersection of Craft and Church Roads in Olive Branch. Conrad has been receiving revelation and sensing the presence of God all day today (and yesterday) we drove through the area, we both noted the beauty of the place, and then Conrad began receiving an open vision from the Lord about a hand fitting into a glove (actually not fitting) and then the glove becoming a mitt (like an oven mitt) so that the hand could enter the glove. As Conrad was relating this vision to me, I immediately thought of the 5-fold ministry being the five fingers of the hand.  He quickly went to his Bible on his phone and confirmed the five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4:11 .. it wasn't until we were at home later that he realized he was reading Chapter 4 and verse 11 (which corresponded to the date 4/11).

Please listen to Conrad's video to get the full vision and interpretation (a warning to the Church)  

Here are the series of God-incidences that God used today to confirm this prophecy to His Church.

Today's date is April 11 -- 4/11

The Passage of Scripture we were directed to was Ephesians 4:11

The devotional reading we had tonight (hours after the vision) was 11% into a new book we just started reading:  Jennifer LeClaire's "The Next Great Move of God"

The passage in the book we read tonight included a prophecy from Steve Hill regarding the 5-Fold Ministry of the Church (The offices of pastor and teacher being the focus) which also referred to Ephesians 4:11

In Conrad's vision the two 'fingers' that were atrophied corresponded to the pastor and teacher.

Conrad has created an 'emergency' video to release this word tonight.  He normally takes a day or two to edit and post, but this time God's timing is NOW (April 11). This is God.  This Word can't wait.  

Pray about it.  

Be Blessed...



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