Sunday, December 1, 2013

Now is the time ...

So what does it all mean?

You may have noticed, that Conrad and I seem to be singing the same song over and over. Namely, how a revolutionary work of God is taking place in the earth involving a honeycomb and Aglow. But, we don't want you to have a vague idea of what we has been plainly given, so, in response to this Word given to Conrad a few days ago ...

    “Write the vision
       And make it plain on tablets,
       That he may run who reads it...."
-- Habakkuk 2:2

...This post in in obedience to that Word. Here is a simple description of  the revelation Conrad and I have received about this new move of God in the earth that we call the Honeycomb directive.

A prophecy was given by Chuck Pierce.  Conrad was reluctant to hear that prophecy, but that reluctance was part of God's perfect plan, because Conrad relented and listened to the prophecy only moments before stumbling into several confirmations that affirmed its authenticity and our connection to it.

Here are some key phrases from that prophecy we now refer to as  “The Honeycomb Directive
  • The miracle box was a honeycomb
  • It had layers
  • What was coming out of the miracle box will redirect this nation and the other nations of the world.
  • God says “My Word is like Honey.”
  • Honey comes from a honeycomb
  • You are going to have to have so much revelation in days ahead to maneuver in your field
  • You are going to have to have such revelation on how to communicate in days ahead what God wants to be communicated.  
  • We need this "To Communicate what God's wants to be communicated".
  • You will have to live and worship inside the honeycomb.
  • The bees are coming again because the enemy is "Trying to make the production of honey extinct in America".
  • There is going to be a new move of God ...  it will revolutionize the structure,  out of this "they will start producing new revelation".
  • "Speaking my Word in a way  My Word has never come forth in the earth."
  • The bees will start building the honeycomb in a new way.
  • Causing a new model to come.  
  • Standing in the midst of that which will produce and release the revelation that will change the earth in days ahead.

So what does this mean?

The prophecy is a heavenly directive to build the honeycomb.  Social Media is the New Model of Communication to facilitate the new revelation coming forth.  Social Media  is  the honeycomb we are to manifest on the earth under the power and guidance of the spirit of Christ.   We will live, work, worship, prophesy, evangelize and minister under the direction of the Holy Spirit as we move out to engage, interact and construct a world-wide network of believers online using the #aglow hash-tag on every major social media platform.

It is plain in the prophecy that God want’s to use Aglow for the Honeycomb Directive (Be sure to listen to/watch the video!).    This is probably because the structure is in place enabling Aglow to receive this mighty new move of God.

This new way of communicating will explode the number of people hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time.  Imagine a body of world wide believers all connected via social media at the same time.  This honeycomb of communication will span all denominations and be the most effective way of communication for the Body of Christ ever known on the earth.  The honeycomb will be the way heavenly revelation will be communicated across the globe.  In the days ahead, we are going to need fresh revelation from God.  The Honeycomb is the vehicle for this revelation to be communicated.

Some attributes of the Honeycomb:
  • Laborers will be gathered via social media to minister to the needs of others
  • The honeycomb will be a '24 hours a day' communication network - not a one hour per week pep rally. 
  • The honeycomb will unify the Body of Christ all over the planet.   
  • Believers will worship and pray simultaneously across the globe. 
  • Believers will communicate in real time in a Way never before achieved in the earth.  
  • The Honeycomb will span denominations unifying the Body of Christ.  
  • The Honeycomb can not be stopped by the enemy.  
  • Revelation will be disseminated instantaneously  worldwide to believers out of the honeycomb
  • Prayers will be offered up corporately, worldwide, simultaneously out of the honeycomb

Now is the time  to build the honeycomb.

Here is the first step:

Use the #aglow hash-tag on your Christian posts
Follow Christians who use the #aglow hash-tag

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