Friday, June 7, 2013

I had a nightmare

I had a dream.

With this statement Martin Luther King Jr. began his most well-known speech, which some say was even plagiarized.

Yesterday, I had a nightmare.

I dreamed that instead of a Facebook page, I had a Sinbook page, that in lieu of being a social relationship website, was a historical record of all my sins, the damage I’d caused, the people I’d offended, but a public record, not a private one, only shaped as a social network, including Instagram like pictures of all my sordid moments, all shared, liked and full of comments.

I felt naked and ashamed.

Pretty much as Adam when he found himself a sinner.

Actually, my feeling was more like panic, as someone who was caught red-handed doing something no one was supposed to know, or like somebody who’s being humiliated or has gone through a really traumatic and fearsome situation.

Then I woke up, pretty scared, sweating cold, and suddenly it came to my mind that the blood of Jesus cleanses me of all sins.

It was like someone erased all my Internet browsing history, deleted my profile from that website, and I could start something from scratch, only better.

I could no longer feel the weight of guilt and shame, and could go back to sleep really calmed, knowing that all my sins have been forgiven on the cross, and that God threw them on the sea of oblivion, wherever that is.

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