Monday, June 18, 2012

The Truth that Sets You Free

Knowing that God loves unconditionally changes everything. If you believe this truth, fear will no longer have any hold on you. You may be suffering or in terrible pain and as a result feel unloved. But the fact is, you are loved--deeply and personally.

I don't know why the Lord has permitted your trial, but I do know this: Pain never shouts that God doesn't love you. That's the Deceiver's voice. Did Jesus' suffering indicate that the Father didn't love the Son? No. There are hardships in life we can't always explain, but they can never cancel out or in any way diminish His unconditional love.

Knowing this truth empowers our lives with joy. How wonderful to realize that, whether you're awake or asleep--no matter what you do or don't do--His love for you never changes.

This knowledge also brings freedom. You no longer have to keep trying to measure up to some standard in order to be accepted. Since God's love isn't based on your performance, you're free from the bondage of trying to work harder to earn it--which is impossible. You also have the security and assurance of the Father's unfailing care, even when you've failed. Rely on His love--He will never leave you. His Spirit within assures us of this when we keep our hearts open to listen.

If you've ever watched the ocean, you know that its waves keep rolling into the shore. Sometimes they crash with unbelievable force, and other times they're gentle. Either way, they can't be stopped! Likewise, there's nothing you can do to stop Almighty God from loving you.

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