Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love Can.....

Love can surely rescue
A heart in deep despair
A heart that has given up
And no longer feels God near

Love can breathe new meaning
When there’s nothing left inside
When there’s no feeling or emotion
Just dryness in our lives

Love can restore new hope
After it’s withered and died
For hope is what will get us through
And love can be its guide

Love can run and embrace
The prodigal returning home
And the one that has come to the end
Those hurting, lost and alone

For God’s love is the answer
To our broken, empty lives
As we come with an open heart
He can dispel all the hurt inside

And He will heal our brokenness
And lovingly He will bind
The wounds that have left us scarred
And bring soundness to our minds

So give it over to God’s love
Our lives and all that we are
Then we will know and walk in His love
For His love shall dwell in our hearts

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  1. Love is....

    Love can...

    Beautiful poem. I read this at the right time. Thanks.