Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sin and Human Error

Humans wake every morning to our habits and routines.  It seems wherever we are we have the ablility to adapt, the capability to adjust ourselves to our environment and then begin to develop preferable patterns of behavior.

So what is wrong with us? Why do we do things we do not want to do? And not do the good things we know we should.

Essentially, Why do people do bad things? This is a big question and I am sure most of us have thought a lot about it.

Original sin as the Bible describes it in the book of Genesis occured when Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit.  A separation between humanity and God occurred as a result, and humans were banished to live outside of paradise.

Now does that mean God stopped caring about humanity? Of course not the frist thing He did was make them warm clothes. Genesis 3:21

Now that mankind was seperate from God and able to distinguish good from evil, a lifestyle of "sin" was the inevitable side effect.

When we commit sin, it is like an "error" occurs in our once original God-image programming. Humans once being made in the image of God now commit ungodly acts and errors of all kinds due to this corruption of the mind.

So how do we reduce this corruption? How do we stop ourselves from grave error?

Fill your mind with Godly data, or knowledge of God Romans 12:2

Ask for God`s help. Developing a personal relationship to deal with the many moral mistakes you make and asking for His strength, wisdom, and even intervention in your daily life.
Matthew 26:41 1 Corinthians 10:13

Learn from godly others. Humanity was designed for community and relationship. There are many that struggle with the same errors that we do and we can share and learn from each other.
Galatians 6:1-3 James 5:16

Recognizing your sin as a result of corruption and error helps us to understand the state we live in. The results of this are seen throughout the world but with the redeeming work of God`s law and the atonement of Christ we are able to restore what was lost in Eden.

In our bodies we will live out the result of corruption and the consequences of our many errors but with God`s promise we have hope in the restoration of all things: of our minds, bodies, and the physical world with His coming.

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