Saturday, October 29, 2011

There Is Love In R-evol-ution

I so much appreciate that revolution is full of love. Love certainly has the power to bring about a successful revolution. Any revolution that has love as its primary ingredient would gather people together for a common purpose. Spreading love is a great theme for changing the world. Would you join a revolution of spreading love and light?
Compassion is so needed in the political arena these days with so many people shouting against love and caught in the fear of their own minds. Compassion is also needed in organized religion where the sacred heart has been replaced by judging and condemnation of others. Let’s all join together and grow a revolution of mindfulness, of compassion, of acceptance, of unity, of shared purpose, of growth, of freedom for all, of unconditional love, of inner peace, of happiness and of the highest consciousness we can nurture in each other.
Revolution is so needed because corporate rule, ego-domination, war, religious extremism, and the end of the middle class are not sustainable and will leave the future generations a great big mess if they continue. It is time we all find our hearts, grow our compassion, be accepting, seek to understand, tap into the collective consciousness, realize we are all connected, and find and focus on our shared hopes. Agree?
Peace, love and hope to you all.


  1. I love that
    it's funny the way God can work
    Speaking of revolution
    Revival is and will be happening on my campus that just came to me as I read some of this post..How love so needs to be at the root of it..

  2. Mmm.... I agree love is vitally important but it must be agape love-- the kind that comes from God, the kind that is also Holy, Holy, Holy. We can't love as the world does. The world sees it as intolerant judging if you call sin what it is, when really you are just following the marching orders of the perfect Commanding Officer-- Jesus Christ. While we must always LOVE, Paul still exposed sin where it was, and kept the churches accountable. The Church, whether the modern world likes it or not, is going to look different from the world, not just in its ability to love but in how it lives and submits to God. There is still holiness in the NT, and it comes from walking closely to the Lord and being filled with the Holy Spirit, not from our own efforts. It's impossible for the rest of the unbelieving world to walk this way, because they do not have the Holy Spirit.

    The collective conscious thing seems to stem from Humanism, which believes that humans are inherently good apart from God. This is such an antibiblical sentiment. "There is NO ONE righteous, no not one." If you are to believe the Bible, it is not our basic morality (that can span cultures) that saves the soul, or that would be salvation by works, rather than the grace of God alone through Jesus Christ. (Side note: As Christians, we are all connected through the Holy Spirit, that is true, but that's not the same thing.)

    In another sense, the collective consciousness is very close to something new-age. In fact, I may even venture to call it New Age in its entirety.

    We must be careful in the kinds of things we incorporate into our faith and our walk with Christ, even in our choice of words. It could infect our own spiritual life or that of others.

    I want to close my comment by reiterating again that LOVE is of vital importance-- God's love, the kind of love that serves others, that would lay down their life to save someone from the fire, that would grasp the lost sinner around the knees before letting them jump from a cliff to certain hell and damnation, that would discount what others might think when they warn others of potential spiritual dangers and the harmful effects of sin. TRUE LOVE. The LOVE of Jesus. He dined with sinners but did not hesitate to tell them of their sins, to call them to repentance.

    In Christ